“All children, except one, grow up“; this sentence is at the beginning of the most famous book written by the Scottish author, J. Mathew Barrie, called “Peter Pan”. 
This fantasy book tells us the story of Peter, a boy who wants to be a child forever, so he refuses to grow up! 
The story begins when Peter loses his shadow. With the help of his fairy friend Tinker Bell, they start a search that leads them to a house in London where the Darlings live: Wendy and her two brothers, John, and Michael. When Peter arrives, he convinces them to come to Neverland, an amazing place with a lot of adventure! 
In Neverland, they live with the Lost Boys, fight Captain Hook and his pirate crew and learn how to fly.
Finally, the Darlings return to London and their parents adopt the Lost Boys. However, Peter Pan stays in Neverland being a child forever...that is his DREAM! 

 We all have our dreams! Peter Pan´s dream is to be a child forever mine I to be able  to teleport wherever I want to, just by thinking of that place.
And yours?
Tell me what your impossible dream is.

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